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November 29, 2021  

MyMichelleLive - NEWS & VIEWS - Thanksgiving edition

What if Thanksgiving has more of a societal impact than we realize? What if the betterment of our world starts at the Thanksgiving dinner table? Michelle talks about the ramifications of gratitude with the director of interfaith affairs from the Simon Wiesenthal Center, Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein.

November 29, 2021  

MyMichelleLive - WEEK END REVIEW - 11/28/21

This week’s underreported and even miss represented news stories effect us all. It’s not called looting anymore, that term is cancelled while a spree of looting ravages businessesideos show scope of Bay Area’s Weekend of Organized Retail Robberies Another cancelled term this week PEDOPHILE! Transgender Professor At Old Dominion University Rebrands Pedophiles As ‘Minor-Attracted Persons’ . The public was literally lied to by the press on the Kyle Rittenhouse trial despite video, testimony, pictures, and the aquittle?! And WaPo Pummeled for Dishonest Coverage of Waukesha SUV Massacre On the Covid front - Immunity From Covid Infection May Be as Strong or stronger as From the Vax which may be vital as we look at what is being called the new Botswana Covid variant that could evade vaccines These and other stories of the week with Michelle Mendoza & Co-host Adam Rizzieri.


November 29, 2021  

MyMichelleLive - SPORTS TIME OUT 11/26/21

Michigan St is all over the news with an outbreak, a push back on sexual assault, and a $95 million dollar contract. We talk celebrations on the field do the rules ruin the fun? And what about JeBron’s lude celebration? From the NFL to MLS Sports Time out talks about news of the week and looks for a deeper message of hope. Michelle is joined by sports Chaplin & coach Garrick Pang & Joe Palmisano frm head coach and author of a new kids book Penguinville come find yourself

November 23, 2021  

MyMichelleLive - SCI TECH TALK - Anthropics of the microverse!

There is a mystery to the universe with too many coincidences to ignore!  In a book unlike anything ever published Dr. Fuz Rana looks at the anthropic principle in microbiology in his brand new book: FIT FOR A PURPOSE -
INCLUDE BIOCHEMISTRY?  What he has to say is off the charts amazing!   

November 22, 2021  

MyMichelleLive - WEEK END REVIEW - Build Back Bitterness - 11/21/21

This week: Trillions on Buld Back Better w/ the Biden Bunch but Americans are building bitterness. “Build Back Better” Passed the house After All-Nighter By Our Radical, Out of Touch Congressional Democrats . Americans are still not getting the whole story on the vax and shouldn’t expect to after the FDA announced that it Wants 55 Years to Process FOIA Request Over Vaccine Data . and instead of putting resources to research all of the science Biden Admin dolling out $143.5 million to strengthen Vax confidence, This week find out what the media is missing and messing with from Rittenhouse to The dismantling of mandates and more with Michelle Mendoza & Adam Rizzieri.

November 19, 2021  

MyMichelleLive - SPORTS TIME OUT

This week’s big sports stories: Dos y cero what’s up with that?! The United States defeats Mexico in World Cup Qualifier & United States held to draw by Jamaica in CONCACAF World Cup qualifying SOCCER REPORT. Kim Kardashian West helps fly Afghanistan women's soccer team to safety in London In other stories from the MBA MVP, Breaking NASCAR news and money over morals in China Michelle takes it on with the team. This week Garrick Pang, Matt Peale, Rich Halstrom, Dante Jackson..

November 18, 2021  

MyMichelleLive - NEWS & VIEWS -World children‘s day & problems in our children‘s world

SATURDAY NOV 20th is Children’s day. What a time it is for children…. more substance abuse, more suicides, more deaths from firearms, motor vehicle crashes and suicides since 2020. What can we see in the headlines of the news that can give us a clue as to why and what is the hope?! Michelle talks news stories & hope then talks with authorJOE PALMISANO about his new dynamic and hopeful book for kidsPenguinville: Come Find Yourselfblank">Penguinville: Come Find Yourself.

November 13, 2021  

MyMichelleLive - SPORTS TIME OUT 11/12/21

A college coach slaps a player's helmet.  An NFL QB is in the center of the vaccine debate.  There is drama on and off the field and Michelle talks about it with the guys of the SPORTS TIME OUT TEAM.

November 13, 2021  

MyMichelleLive - ENTERAINMENT REVIEW - 11/13/21

n the news from heavy metal to Leann Rymes & country the God story is making its way into music. In other news Alex Baldwin’s movie shooting fatality is bringing controversy as Alex past criticism is haunting him and surprisingly being edited from main stream media sources. check out this story Then Michelle talks movies with Adam Holz ofPlugged In Reviews. This and more on this week’s episode.

November 8, 2021  

MyMichelleLive - WEEK END REVIEW - Daylight stupid time & climate summit

All of the big stories of the week but nothing effects us more than DAYLIGHT SAVINGS, is it needed?  You might be surprised at what science reveals.  About science; what did we learn from DOP26 and what is this 'Let's Go Brandon,' thing?  Michelle & Adam Rizzieri of Agency Partner's interactive dive in.

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