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December 8, 2020  

SCI TECH TALK by MyMichelleLive - Bio-Human Interface, Google Hacks, and Great Tech gift ideas.

December 8, 2020

With Christmas right around the corner and most still on lockdown, people are turning to Google for all their Christmas needs.  Michelle got insider information on Google hacks for Christmas with Google expert, Molly Vanderburg.  We also talked to King and he gave us his "Tech Report", which included some amazing tech gifts that are reasonably priced to consider for your loved ones this Christmas.

Brain human interface is something that we used to see in a show like "Star Trek", but it is now a reality.  Elon Musk has created "Neuralink", which has shown to be affective in animals, and his goal is to see it used in humans in the near future.  "Neuralink" may be able to alleviate brain diseases such as Alzheimer's.  Musk also believes it is the tech of the future to help us instantly speak other languages and even allow us to use telepathy. Michelle and Dr. Fuzz Rana from Reasons to Believe took on the benefits of this technology and also the moral implications that it has, in a discussion.